Citrix Tools

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  • Firefox Browser Extension The Citrix Toolbar and Sidebar provide access to your published applications on Citrix Presentation Server farms. It has similar functionality to the Program Neighborhood Agent client but its user interface is integrated with the Firefox browser instead of the Windows desktop. In addition, other Citrix applications and Web sites can be accessed from the Toolbar and Sidebar.
  • Automatic Farm Tuner The Automatic Farm Tuner utility is designed to tweak the advanced registry setting on the data collectors in a large farm and tune the data collectors to adapt to a large farm environment. With this utility in place, all manual performance tweaking on the data collectors can be automatically set.The Automatic Farm Tuner gathers information about the current farm using MFCOM. Based on the gathered data, the performance setting of the data collectors is tweaked to be at their optimum settings for the size of the farm and the zones contained within the farm.
  • DescriptionMigration fails from an Access data store to a Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Desktop Engine (MSDE) data store on Citrix Presentation Server 4.0 Advanced Edition when using MigrateToMsde.exe. This new version of the tool corrects this problem by not checking for Citrix services that are not present on the server.