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As the information age rolls forward, even the most productive users struggle to keep up. With business-critical data housed in so many systems and places, the simplest task requires switching between a multitude of applications. We think there’s a better solution than Alt-Tab to this digital-age challenge. Novell GroupWise gives you a Home View—a personal productivity dashboard that consolidates the tools and web applications you interact with most for any given aspect of your work. From emails to your boss and daily appointments to RSS feeds and team workspaces, you can grab what matters most and put it front and center.


Send and receive email messages, phone messages and reminder notes. And if this sounds passé, remember that email is still king when it comes to enabling personal productivity. In fact, a recent Osterman Research study found that the typical corporate user spends nearly 30% of an eight-hour workday doing email-related tasks. And this figure dwarfs the time spent using other communication tools. The bottom line is that messaging is the linchpin of personal productivity, and no one does it better than GroupWise.
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Novell Open Enterprise Server 11 SP2

novellWhat’s New in Open Enterprise Server 11 SP2

Small enhancements that make a big difference


Novell Open Enterprise Server 11 SP2 continues to give you the industry’s most advanced file and print services on the latest SUSE Linux Enterprise platform. You get so much more than the best Linux platform—you get it along with all the extras that only Novell can offer, including significant administration improvements that come with SP2:

  • Better, faster installation. We’ve made two main changes to the installation process. First, we created an express installation that requires minimal user intervention. Second, you can now clone a server running Open Enterprise Server after installation or upgrade.
  • Unified quota management. Dynamic Storage Technology now provides a unified quota management system so you can manage disk space easier. You can easily add, modify or delete directory quotas or user-space quotas on your primary volumes, then transfer those same settings for your secondary volumes.
  • Tools that improve management. Novell Open Enterprise Server 11 SP2 gives you the tools you need, including a new Novell Remote Manager health monitoring function; plugins to monitor and manage a Common Internet File System (CIFS) or Apple Filing Protocol (AFP); a utility to identify files and folders with obsolete owners; and the ability to delete dynamic leases in DNS.
  • File and Storage Services. We’ve introduced better integration with third-party antivirus, backup and hardware security module (HSM) solutions for file and storage. Now it’s easier to protect and back up your storage.
  • Domain Services for Windows. We’ve introduced a new sites and subnets feature that lets you configure multiple sites, even though domain controllers might be geographically distributed. Also, with the new Novell client support, Windows operations like domain login and password change will work.
  • NetIQ eDirectory 8.8 SP8. NetIQ eDirectory 8.8 SP8 offers improvements in scalability and performance. It now takes advantage of a server’s processing power, resulting in faster change processing by orders of magnitude. In addition, the new version of eDirectory includes a new iManager and LDAP enhancements that allow for improved integration with LDAP applications.

Novell Filr en iPrint werken samen met Samsung KNOX

Novell Filr en iPrint zijn beschikbaar op het zakelijke beveiligingsplatform KNOX van Samsung. Door KNOX te combineren met Filr en iPrint kunnen organisaties hun gebruikers een gebruiksvriendelijke, veilige manier bieden om bestanden te delen en mobiel te printen. Samsung KNOX beveiligt zakelijke gegevens op Android. De privacy van de gebruiker wordt daarbij niet geschonden omdat de zakelijke en persoonlijke omgevingen op het apparaat worden gescheiden.

Novell iManager workstation on Ubuntu 13.04

1. Download the latest iManager Workstation for Linux in Novell Download Center

2. Extract the package (for me usually in $HOME/Desktop)

3.  Prepare NICI for installation.

$> cd  $HOME/Desktop/imanager
$> cd  NICI/linux
$> sudo cp /nici.i386.rpm / -R

4. Modify the current in the bin folder ($HOME/Desktop/imanager/bin) and remove the word  ”function” in every functions of the script.


 echo "Test permissions" > $IMANAGER_BIN_NATIVE_DIR/perm.txt

should be

echo "Test permissions" > $IMANAGER_BIN_NATIVE_DIR/perm.txt 

5.  In the STARTMANAGER() function, remove the CHECK_NICI;

6.  Save the script and do  some test run.

$> cd $HOME/Desktop/imanager/bin
$> ./


Novell ZENworks Application Virtualization 10.0

ZENworks Application Virtualization 10.0 helps you to convert your Windows-compatible applications into self-contained virtual applications. When an application is virtualized, it becomes a single, isolated file that can run instantly from anywhere, including a thumb drive. Unlike traditional installation methods, the single virtual application file does not require a separate setup process or rely on external components and runtimes, reboots, or administrative privileges. The application is isolated from other system applications, preventing DLL conflicts and other deployment issues, but the experience for the application’s user is unchanged

Hogeschool blijft bij Novell

Hogeschool Rotterdam heeft gekozen voor Novell Open Enterprise Server 11 en Novell Cluster Services. Het cluster van 16 servers is verdeeld over twee datacenters. Bij een storing neemt de identieke server in het tweede centrum naadloos de taken over. Hogeschool Rotterdam heeft zo’n 3.000 medewerkers, 30.000 studenten, meer dan 90 opleidingen en 12 locaties. Hogeschool Rotterdam maakt al jaren gebruik van Novell-technologie. Na de migratie naar Open Enterprise Server 11, staat voor later dit jaar de upgrade van Novell ZENworks Configuration Management op de planning. De keuze voor Novell is destijds gemaakt vanwege de lage ‘cost of ownership’. Eric Kerkdijk, IT Manager van de Hogeschool Rotterdam, is ook lid van de NGN.

Over Novell Novell is een wereldwijd toonaangevende leverancier van zakelijke software en biedt oplossingen die werkomgevingen productiever, veiliger en beter beheerbaar maken. Novell ondersteunt duizenden bedrijven van over de hele wereld met samenwerkings-, endpointbeheer-, bestands- en netwerktechnologieën die de productiviteit van eindgebruikers rechtstreeks of op de back-end verbeteren. Dankzij oplossingen zoals Novell GroupWise, Novell ZENworks en Novell Open Enterprise Server zijn bedrijven in staat hogere productiviteitsniveaus te realiseren terwijl de kosten, complexiteit en risico’s worden verminderd. Ga voor meer informatie naar

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Novell Open Enterprise Server 11

New Features in Open Enterprise Server 11
New Version
You asked for it. You got it. SUSE Linux Enterprise 11 SP1

Open Enterprise Server 11 brings the industry’s most advanced file and print services onto the latest SUSE® Linux Enterprise platform. The benefits for customers are immense.

Better virtualization support. Not only does Open Enterprise Server still ship with unlimited versions of XEN virtualization for no additional charge, but it also has certified support for VMware, the most popular choice for virtualization.
Improved patch and update capabilities. Advances in the new “fast update stack” mean that you’ll be able to apply patches and software updates easier than ever.
Power savings. Integral to SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 11 are Green IT enhancements that make Open Enterprise Server customers smile, too.
Faster release cycles. Customers now have the choice of adopting the latest innovations as soon as they’re ready, with the new Feature Channel. Or, if you prefer, continue to use the patch channel for important fixes and deploy support packs to get the roll-up of all new features and enhancements.
Fast track to file innovation. Learn about Novell Filr, the hottest thing to happen to file sharing since, well, NetWare®. Give users access to network files on all their devices, along with automated backup and social sharing. Only Open Enterprise Server customers will be able to get in on the early adopter action.
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Growing ecosystem of software and hardware. 8400 software packages and counting. Limitless hardware options. Linux is the fastest growing platform for certifications and support.
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Longer support lifecycle. Get the most bang for your maintenance dollar. Adopt the latest version of Open Enterprise Server now and enjoy the benefits of a 5-year lifecycle.