LibreOffice 4.3 bèta 2

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LibreOffice logo (60 pix)De Document Foundation heeft de tweede bètarelease van versie 4.3 van LibreOffice uitgebracht. Dit opensource-officepakket is ontstaan als een afsplitsing van OpenOffice en wordt geleverd met tekstverwerker Writer, spreadsheetprogramma Calc, presentatieprogramma Impress, tekenprogramma Draw, databaseprogramma Base en Formula, een applicatie om wetenschappelijke notaties mee te maken. Een overzicht van de veranderingen en verbeteringen die we in versie 4.3, die als alles goed gaat eind juli beschikbaar komt, tegemoet kunnen zien is op deze pagina te vinden. Dit is een klein stuk daaruit:


  • Raise limit of characters in paragraphs
    Raise the 16bit (65,535) characters limitation of Writer paragraphs to 32bit (2,147,483,647). Especially useful in locales where there is a requirement to record minutes of meetings in a single paragraph. fdo#30668, i#17171
  • Moved Navigation buttons
    The Navigation buttons have been moved from below the scrollbar to the Find bar
  • Drawing objects increase/decrease font size
    Add Increase/Decrease font functionality to drawing objects. commit
  • DrawingML import/export
    Brand new drawingML-based DOCX import/export filter for shapes and TextFrames. For more details, see this blog entry.
  • Import/Export nested comments
    Import and export of nested comments in the ODF, DOC, DOCX and RTF filters i#123792
  • Proportion image scaling
    Images are now scaled proportionally by default, free resizing is available holding ? Shift. fdo#71669
  • Light Blue for Non-printing characters
    Use “light blue” color for Non-printing Characters fdo#68071
  • Progress bar for DOCX import
    DOCX import now has a progressbar fdo#58044
  • Relative text frame anchoring improvements
    Multiple relations are now supported for relative text frames. For more details, see this blog entry.
  • Printing comments in margins
    Comments can now be printed next to the text in the right margin as they appear on screen. Each page is scaled down in order to make space for the comments to fit on the underlying paper size. fdo#36815
  • Format all comments
    The character properties of all comments can be set at the same time now in order to reformat all comments in a document at the same time.


  • Border highlight on multiple instances of the same cell, when selecting a formula, now get same color. After calculating a long formula, the cells can be easily referenced with the formula, as they get the same color i.e., the highlight of the cell and the name of the cell in the formula. fdo#52461
  • When selecting cells, the number of selected rows and columns is shown in the status bar. fdo#64290
  • Sheet tab area: when expanding the space available for sheet tabs make better use of that.
  • Allow starting of cell edit with the content of the cell above it as its initial content. It is bound to the Ctrl+' (single quote) key by default.

Formula engine

  • Added GAMMA.DIST, GAMMA.INV and GAMMALN.PRECISE spreadsheet functions for Excel interoperability. fdo#71936
  • Added LOGNORM.DIST, LOGNORM.INV, NORM.DIST, NORM.INV, NORM.S.DIST and NORM.S.INV spreadsheet functions for Excel interoperability. fdo#72158
  • Added T.DIST, T.DIST.2T, T.DIST.RT, T.INV, T.INV.2T and T.TEST spreadsheet functions for Excel interoperability. fdo#72793
  • Added PERCENTILE.EXC, PERCENTILE.INC, PERCENTRANK.EXC, PERCENTRANK.INC, QUARTILE.EXC, QUARTILE.INC, RANK.EQ and RANK.AVG spreadsheet functions for Excel interoperability. fdo#73146
  • Added MODE.SNGL, MODE.MULT, NEGBINOM.DIST and Z.TEST spreadsheet functions for Excel interoperability. fdo#72197
  • Added FLOOR.PRECISE, CEILING.PRECISE and ISO.CEILING spreadsheet functions for Excel interoperability. fdo#71720
  • Added NETWORKDAYS.INTL and WORKDAY.INTL spreadsheet functions for Excel interoperability. fdo#73147
  • Added ERF.PRECISE and ERFC.PRECISE spreadsheet functions for Excel interoperability. fdo#73149

Impress and Draw

  • Number of Pages
    Hidden slides are no longer included in the “Number of pages” counting field, to avoid confusion. fdo#74383
  • Fit slide to window
    Add an icon to the statusbar to allow fitting the current slide to window with a single click
  • Slide Pane selected/unselected slides with mouse over
    It is now possible to distinguish between selected and unselected slides when the mouse over highlight activates rhbz#1096295

LibreOffice 4.2 screenshot (620 pix)