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De onderstaande tool gebruik ik voor het beheren van:

  1. Windows Servers
  2. Windows Clients
  3. ESX servers
  4. Linux Servers

Hieronder vind je een overzicht van de features:

mRemote is a multi-tab, multi-protocol remote connections mananger written in VB.NET and C# 2.0.


  • Free and Open Source, released under the GPL
  • Multi-Tab interface to minimize window clutter
  • Multiple supported protocols
  • Easy to organize and maintain list of connections
  • Support for importing connections from Active Directory
  • Allows creating nested containers (folders) to categorize connections
  • “Quick Connect” feature to quickly open a connection without creating an entry
  • “Quick Search” feature to quickly find a connection while typing
  • Support for SCP/SFTP file transfers
  • Assign icons to connection to easily identify purpose
  • Screenshot manager allows to collect multiple screenshots and save them all together or copy them to the clipboard
  • View remote session info and log off sessions (RDP)
  • Portable (with the use of command line switches)
  • “Auto-Update” feature
  • Show currently selected tab name in window title
  • Show description tooltips when hoovering over connections
  • System tray icon with connection menu
  • Fullscreen (Kiosk) mode
  • Assign global credentials to use when no information is provided on connection basis
  • Up/Down (Ping) feature shows if the selected host answers to a ping

Currently these protocols are supported:

System Requirements

Download de tool hier: