XBMC Media Center 13.0 bèta 2

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XBMC logo (27 pix)Hij zweefde al een paar dagen op internet, maar de tweede bètarelease van XBMC Media Center versie 13.0 is nu ook officieel op de website van XBMC beschikbaar gekomen. Deze crossplatform-mediacentersoftware wordt ontwikkeld voor Windows, OS X, Linux, Android, iOS, AppleTV en de Raspberry Pi. Versie 13.0, die codenaam Gotham heeft gekregen, bevat een groot aantal veranderingen. Zo is er onder meer hardware decoding in Android en ondersteuning voor 3d-materiaal, en zijn er flinke verbeteringen aan de audio-engine doorgevoerd. De release notes voor bèta 2 zien er als volgt uit:


  • Subtitles for videos over http should now support the same subtitle functions supported by local media (Note: Certain subtitle issues will only be fixed when non-default skins provide updates. Other fixes are in the works.)
  • Rockchip devices on Android will no longer cause XBMC to crash occasionally during playback
  • PVR Programming Guide cleanups
  • AudioEngine improvements to handling AC3 and DTS, as well as smarter handling in Android and intelligent EAC3 recognition
  • Crash on exit should be fixed on various platforms
  • JSON-RPC file listing fixes
  • DXVA fixes in Windows for older Intel GPUs
  • Wording and grammar fixes throughout the UI

Additional Features Not Mentioned in Beta 1 Announcement

As some users have rightly noted, while almost every major feature has been highlighted in some form or other in the various monthly blog posts, not all of them were discussed in the Beta 1 blog. The following is a list of a few of those that probably deserve a second round of attention. (Additionally. there are a few XBMC 13 features that are not quite working now, due to changes such as the iOS 7 update. We will hold off discussing those until the bugs have all been worked out.) For now, however:

  • When initiating a library cleaning, XBMC will send a wake-on-lan request to any sleeping servers first, before cleaning the library, to ensure that content isn’t unnecessarily cleaned
  • Numerous PVR fixes and updates with additional new features updated on a per-platform basis. For more info, check out our PVR wiki page
  • Copy/paste support on Windows, OSX, and iOS to match copy/paste support elsewhere
  • Movie sets are now user editable
  • Episodic bookmarks – If episodes are not broken into individual parts (e.g. Adventure episode 1 and 2 are in the same video file), a bookmark can be set that will cause launching episode 2 from the UI to go directly to the bookmark in the video file

XBMC Media Center 13.0 bèta