2.3, Novell Edition

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Product Description is a suite of office-productivity applications. It provides a word processor, presentation and spreadsheet applications, an HTML editor, and a drawing tool. It offers extensive file-format compatibility with Microsoft* Office, allowing users to better share files between platforms.

Key Features of 2.3

The Novell® Edition of contains enhancements and bug fixes that are not available in the standard edition. These include:

General Features

  • Enhanced Support for Microsoft Office File Formats: supports import and export of Microsoft Office file formats, even taking advantage of compatible fonts to match document length. Transparent document sharing makes the best choice if you are deploying it in a mixed Linux/Windows environment.
  • ODMA Integration: The Novell Edition of for Windows includes improved integration with ODMA (Open Document Management Architecture) services, for example for GroupWise. If you have the GroupWise client installed on the machine, will offer to open documents from GroupWise, or save documents in GroupWise. If you want to open or save documents using the normal Windows file dialog instead, click Use Application Dialog when offered to select a document from GroupWise or to save a document into GroupWise. To avoid the GroupWise dialogs altogether, toggle the corresponding button in the Tools > Options > General dialog.
  • Enhanced Fonts: For the Novell Edition of, Novell licensed fonts from Agfa Monotype which are metrically identical and visually compatible with some of the key Microsoft fonts. This allows to match fonts when opening documents originally composed in Microsoft Office, and very closely match pagination and page formatting. The fonts have different names, but are transparently mapped on export and import to their equivalents.


  • Excel Compatibility: Improved Excel compatibility for certain built-in functions (e.g. CELL, INFO, INDIRECT), hyperlinks and filters, improved ergonomics, ‘merge and center’ fix. Adds support for ‘R1C1’ style addresses. Performance enhancement on certain text functions such as SEARCH. Natural sorting option in cell range sorting.
  • Excel VBA Macro Interoperability: The Novell Edition of eases the migration of many macros from Microsoft Excel. Although not all macros can be successfully migrated, this interoperability offers more than the standard edition, which does not support migration of macros.
  • Data Pilots: Data Pilots are interoperable with MS Pivot Tablesâ„¢. The Novell edition substantially improves the Data Pilot feature, making it possible to edit pilots after creation.
  • Solver: The Novell Edition of has a linear optimization solver to optimize a cell value based on arbitrary constraints, built into Calc.


The Writer navigator allows a tree view of the document structure, giving a slicker navigation experience. We also have improved change-tracking interoperability, better HTML export, and improved printing of fonts. For CJK locales we auto-generate bold and italic fonts where they are (commonly) missing.


The Novell Edition of improves the visual appearance of some graphical elements in Impress presentation slide shows.