Release MC360 XBMC Skin Updated to 1.03

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MC360 for XBMC has been updated from 1.02 to 1.03. Below is a changelog since the last release:

  • Fixed: script up a little.
  • Updated: now asks you if you want to download the installer if its not installed and installs it 🙂 big thanks to blittan.
  • Removed: mc360 version of the XBMC Scripts installer because it was out of date and didn’t work properly instead it is replaced by a short cut script thanks to Nuka1195 that will run the official/updated/working version of the script installer that you need to have it installed into you “xbmcdir\scripts\XBMCScripts” folder it can be downloaded from here or comes with t3ch most times anyway.
  • Updated: Translate.xml with spelling fixes. Updated: welcome.txt with correct information.
  • Added: A new skin Script option for XBMC_Lyrics that places a lyrics button on the Music OSD. This also updates the Translate.xml file with 2 new strings that will need to be added to custom language ones or you may get errors. You can download a working copy of the script to install here
  • Changed: Removed the AMT and Accuweather skins from the SVN because they are out dated just update your scripts from the scripting svn you can find here they contain the latest skins.

Updated: I have fixed the small error with the skin.xml file in the download, it still displayed skin version 1.02, as apposed to the correct 1.03. This caused MC360 to say there was an update available on boot still. All fixed.

Click the above image to go to the MC360 page or click here.